Saturday, December 13, 2008

An Affair Worth Talkin’ About

I can’t remember when I first met her, but I do know it was love at first “bite". There she was, seductively placed in front of me, eager to be devoured.

Experiencing her was the most heavenly experience any young person could expect. With one long, luscious bite, she swept me into a love affair that has lasted more than forty years.

Some of her charm, no doubt, is the enchantment enjoyed by everyone: young and old.

But, to this day, I so get excited simply hearing her name…

…Sara Lee. S-a-r-a—L-e-e.

That’s right, Sara Lee, the world’s best bakery found in every supermarket’s freezer section.

Just imagine…

…devouring Sara Lee’s French Style Croissants for breakfast. Her croissants are made using real butter to give them a light, melt in the mouth texture;
…or nibbling on her delicious cheesecakes that have her famous smooth creamy texture and flavor;

…then, in my opinion, the best: Sara Lee’s Deep Dish fruit pies. Her savory pies are all packed with generous fruit pieces surrounded by flaky, sweet pastry. Everything a pie should be!

Apparently, Sara has also enamored the famous song writing team, John Kander and Fred Ebb… so much so that they wrote a show tune just for her in 1976:
Sara Lee
There is a lady living somewhere,

where it is I do not know,

but I long to write and tell her,

that I love her so.

I believe I might do mayhem,

and I might destroy myself,

if I ever found her missing
from my grocer`s shelf.

Sara Lee,
Sara Lee.
Your Brioche just fractures me.

Give me a taste of your cherry danish,
my mother bakes well,

but you can't compare her,

not with Sara Lee,
Sara Lee.

There`s no `H’,
just Sara Lee,
but that`s okay by me.
`Cause I`m living in paradise,

when I`m nibbling the apple spice,

from the kitchens of that lovely Sara Lee.

And it thrills me right to my soul,

when I'm chewin` her finger roll.

And I'm sayin`,
`For Goodness Sake,
There Can Never Be A Better Banana Cake!
Cousin Milton works at the Hilton;
he caters banquets and at each affair,

he'll swear by Sara Lee, Sara Lee.

There`s no `H`,
just Sara Lee,
but that`s okay by me.
I love your cheesecake,

white as pearl,

not to mention,
the Choclate Swirl,
from the kitchens of the one I love: Wonderful Sara Lee!
— John Kander and Fred Ebb, 1976

You know what they say, “Everybody doesn’t like something; but nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee." Here's to you, Sara!

©Judi Lake. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.


The following video, Liza Minnelli singing "Sara Lee", courtesy of You Tube.


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